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This video was made for our drag queen friend, Misty Violet, and her Xmas show.  Misty and friends are our lovely neighbors, who are creative and talented to a degree that we look up to them.  This was our contribution and we did all of this in 12 hours.  Scripting, acting, scene setting and editing.  Our goal was to be up to parr with their standard, and according to them, we passed with flying colors.  

We hope you enjoy this video, and if someone gets offended, then we will be extra happy.  Lol!  We couldn’t put this on social media because, well… the dildos.  This is a safe place, for now.  If you don’t know, there is a war on sex work by politicians and puritanical activists.  So, if you like this video, please consider donating.  Your queen always shares her money with other sex workers in need.  I promise you, your dollars will go to good use to help the most marginalized in our community.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!