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Welcome to The Queen of Sexy’s Stripper Info Hub.  I will be growing this page for you as more important things come up that need to be shared.

When the election was decided, I remember feeling so overwhelmed with all the problems in the world.  I wanted so badly to fix EVERYTHING.  But that was unrealistic.  So, I chose one thing.  I chose women, dancers, strippers, sex workers.  Now, with a focus on Strippers and Sex Workers, I say to you, pay attention.  Learn more about the future of your career.  You may be thinking these days, “not my problem”.  That’s fine, but it’s not helpful.  It’s not giving back.  If you’re happy with not investing your time in learning about what is happening to the stripping industry around the world, then so be it.  But this is a fight worth fighting, and one we can actually win.  How cool would that be?  To make a difference for strippers and sex workers everywhere?  After all, they are literally the people who make the world go round, participating in the world’s longest form of work, service and trade.  Think about that…

Here’s some Stripper Info:

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